Kent & Charlotte...who is one of my dearest friends..Thanks C.P. for taking such good care of Andrew at the reception.

Grandpa Kenny and Autumn.  What a sweetheart she is.

Beth Bushey….who also knows how to dance.

Dave and Angie's mom.  It's not too often we get Dave to dance….and hardly ever you get me to dance..And then it's slow only..

Angie and Grandpa Bushey danicing at the $$ dance.

It was so cute to see Haley and Cody dancing.  What an adorable pair.

Thanks Brian for flying in and surprising us…..Hey, Brian…..Alan got married...

The Alfrey Family… Bob, Tabby, Haley, Zachary, and Dylan.

Brian and Kaitlyn

Janene & Dorothy..who is a very special  friend and substitute mom....Thanks Dorothy for looking out for me..

Janet and Brian.  I never realized how well my sister could dance and do the jitterbug.

Sharon never misses an oportunity to have a good time...We love your sense of humor, SnowWhite.

Angie dancing with her new father-in-law.

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