Cody came into our lives in April of 1998.  It is one of lifes blessings that I will be forever grateful.  He makes our lives so rich and happy.  We love him with all our heart.

All he needs are his wings.

Doesn't he look sweet and innocentů.well, he is.

Cody came to hear Aarons band  play and Aaron took  brought him up on stage and introduced him as the newest Borderline member.  He played with the band the whole night.  He got $7 in tips.  He was quite the hit.  If I'd only had my video camera with me.

Cody was the ring bearer for Uncle Scott's wedding.  He loved being dressed just like his buddy, Scott

Showing of his "Mom" tatoo.

What an angel. 

3 years old.

Cody was so happy so see his cousin Kaitlyn.  He is granndpa Kent's little buddy.

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