Cody's 4th brithday.  He had a cold but still had a few smiles.

One of my favorite first pictures of Cody and Alan.

Kaitlyn and Cody.  June 1999

Hey Momů..Got any gum in that pocket?
August 1998.  Alan took Cody to the barber.   

At Cedar Point with Dylan, Haley, and Zachary Alfrey.  How Tabby and I survived that day is a miricle.

Cody has no fear of the water.  He jumped right off the diving board.  August 4, 1999

Cody loves to help Kent mow.  They keep their mowers beside each other in the shed.  Cody's bottle of bubbles sets right beside Kents gas can. 

Daddy and his two boys.

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