The boys band, "Borderline" performed at Reeces on Halloween Night.  They band all agreed to dress up since it was a costume party.  They worked all week on their costumes.  Good Job Guys.

Scot, Aaron, Jeff in front row.  Adam in back row.  And to think, these are 4 clean cut kids……...usually.

Aaron was pretty darn proud of his costume.  Isn't it a little too revealing, Aaron?

Adam Baker (drums).   His black wig was long and braided.  Did you get a  little warm Adam?

Scot Detillion (Guitar & vocals).   Groovy, Scott…….Peace Man……Love Power!

The Proud Parents………..Kent, Aaron, & Janene
Wouldn't every mother like to have a son who dresses like that?

Jeff Foremena, lead guitar and Lead vocals.  Never saw a star-shaped black eye before, Jeff.  Now give Max back his dog collar.

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