Jenn Foreman, Jamie, & Katie Jones.  Jenn, I can't believe you talked Jamie into this.  Nice leggs Jamie.

Rod & Rosie Detillion.  Is this what you have to look forward to looking like in the

Dan & Betty Foreman as scarecrows….Betty wore a sign on her  butt that said….NO SMOKING!

Pam & Scott Baker.  Gee Scott, where did you leave your glasses?

David & Beth came from Columbus to visit and also stopped in to listen to the boys.  Dave should have had the Batman costume on. 

Arggggg.  It took a whole bottle of conditioner to get the teasing out of my hair.  I forgot and used black waterprrof liner for lipstick...that wasn't easy to get off.

Thanks for coming to see us David & Beth

Dave & Beth showing their admiration for little Aaron.

Borderline as they are normally dressed.  Thank Goodness……….