As the new year approaches, we often reflect on the past year.  We think of the good times with friends and family and give thanks for the new  friends that we have met along the way.
One of my most treasured memories is the joy I have received having all of you as my friends.  I will always remember and treasure the times we have spent together.
My life has been made so rich by all the laughs, the many hours we have spent online,  the trips we've made together, and the plans we continue to make together.
As we say goodbye to 1998 and welcome the new adventures of 1999, I look forward to having you be a part of my future.  I will think of my friends as the clock strikes midnight and close my eyes and wish that all you wish for comes true and that in 1999 you will be blessed with happiness, laughter, good health, and love.

I look forward to a year in which our friendship will grow even stronger as you are so very special to me and you deserve all the love and happiness that comes you way.

Much Love,