Emily, Janene, Kraig, & Sharon.  What a foursome we are.

Two of my most favorite people I know. 

Tammy & Janene (who appreciates this trip more than she will ever know.

Myself and Yvette.  Yvette, you looked radiant as usual.

Lara, (the Director of Education) and Emily, (the Director of Marketing).

Tory, Carla, and Tyler.  What a great family.  We love all 3 of them and wish we had gotten to spend more time with them.  Next trip…...Tory.

Yvette, wearing my necklace….well, at least I WISH it was my necklace. 

Clarke & Melody Lange who operate the Florida office,  along with Tammy and Daryl.  Glad I finally got to meet them.

Kraig, who enjoys being surrounded by women.  We enjoy being with him, also.

I finally got to meet Shannon who is the Director of Education from the Florida office.  We've been talking online for sometime but just got to meet face to face.

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