Michael Knutzen..one of my favorite sales reps at TT.  While there, I got to see the tape of Mikes performance on Melrose Place...Can I have  your autograph Mike?

Anthony, (Tory's brother )with their mom.  She is such a sweetie and should be very proud of how she has raised her sons.  I always love it when Anthony answers the phone at TT.  He is a very brave man for riding in the same car with Tory to work each day  What a ride!

Tory and his Mom.  She is a very special women to have put up with Tory as a child...Did he always have all that energy, Mom?  By the way...we love your son.

A great family picture...All we needed was to have Anthony in the picture.

Tammy awarding Tory for a Job Well Done.  He is #1 in our book.

Emily received an Award of Excellence for all her hard work at Tammy Taylor Nails.  We can all see Emily's great work on the Talk of the Town.

En Chante Nails won "Salon of the Year".  Way to go, Dawn and Trina.

We all had a great time singing Karoke at the party.  If you sang, you got to spin the money wheel with a chance to win up to $300.  Tammy gave away a LOT of $$$$$$  The guys were having a lot of fun here.

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Tammy and Maria.  Maria is  such a great person and such a hard worker. 

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