Sharon and Kraig.  We tried hard to get Kraig to sing Karoke with us but Emily warned us, it would not be a good idea.

We have to always have Sharon along.  She makes everything so fun.

Lara does such a great job coordinating all of us educators.  Keep up the good work Lara, we do appreciate all your work.

Kraig, who I never dreamed would become such a  close friend.  Being online wouldn't be any fun without Kraig and Emily

Michele Cordes, who is one of the Top Ten Educators.  Michele and I enjoy keeping in touch online.

Tory, who means so much to me..  Tammy Taylor Nails would not be complete without Tory.

Dawn and her husband Michael.  What a nice couple.

Trina and her husband...who's name I need to get.

Thank you for taking the time to see what a wonderful time we had while in California.  It was the fastest 40 hours I've spent...but the most enjoyable.  I can hardly wait to go back. I'm already thinking hard of a reason to go back.

Tammy's son, Wesley.  He was worn out and ready to go home.

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