Fellow Educators and New Friends

Holly Schneerman and her sales rep, Lane.  Holly and I met at a  Minnesota workshop and now is a fellow educator.

A few of the group

Michele Cordes looking on as Lara divides up the school territories for the educators.

This is Rueban.  He is Yvette's husband and part of his job is to keep Tory in line.  Ha Ha….can't be done.

Once again…..SnowWhite and her poison apple. 

Tory with his girlfriend Carla and little Tyler.  Carla made us feel so welcome.  Tyler did the Macarana for us.  Good Job Tyler.

Thank you for taking the time to share just some of the great times we had while in California. 
Thank you to all the family at Tammy Taylor Nails who made our trip so special.  We can't wait to come back.

Here Sharon was giving her presentation on etching procedures...No Sharon, it's called hills and valley's….not nooks and crannies.  That's English Muffins.

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