I walked along the beach today
As thoughts of you washed over me,
Like giant waves that break on shore
In endless, rhythmic harmony.

When days are calm, with gentle breeze
A peaceful solitude pervades,
To soothe my heart and offer strength
Before the stormy seas invade.

Dark clouds gather, obscuring sun
One can not guess what lurks within,
I saunter on the shifting sand
As angry waters swirl and spin.

With unleashed fury, unannounced
Nature's power envelops me,
I gasp for air, completely spent
As waves crash in relentlessly.

Calm returns, yet on the shore
Mute remnants of the deep remain,
Jellyfish and shells are strewn
Reposing now on earth's domain.

I slowly rise on trembling knees
Retracing steps now gone from view,
Awareness dawns, my soul responds
Grief's pattern clearly shown anew.

The ebb and flow of ocean's tide
Is like the cadence of my life,
Tranquil beauty beckons me
Then with no warning, storm and strife.

It only takes one tiny nudge
A memory, word or song's refrain,
To send me down in crumbled heap
Of untold hurt and ceaseless pain.

The hand that stills the ocean's wrath
Restores my soul and lets me know,
God reigns supreme, we do not die
Life goes on, eternal flow.

Meandering now on coral path
Midst foliage pleasing to the eye,
Across the bridge, perched on a leaf
Appears a yellow butterfly.

Written by Jean
on the beach at Perdido Key
October 2003