My Trip To Tammy Taylor Headquarters  July 18-21
This past July, three of us from Nail Elegance (myself, Tabby Alfrey, and Sharon White) attended educator training at TT Headquarters in Irvine, Ca.  This trip was much anticipated for 5 months.  We had a wonderful time and were treated like royalty.  The highlight of my trip was having Tammy Taylor put a set of nails on me.  They were absolutely perfect and beautiful.  We learned so much and were so excited to return to Ohio and begin going into the nail schools and educating students in Tammy Taylor's Twelve Steps to Success
These are just a few of the pictures from 8 rolls of film I'd like to share.

We stayed at the home of Kraig & Emily King.  Emily is the TT Director of Marketing. They were such wonderful hosts and have become such good friends.  Thank you Kraig & Emily for allowing us into your homes and making us feel so welcome.
By the way...We're coming back sometime.
Hey Kraig.   

The highlight of my trip was when Tammy put a set of nails on me. It was such an honor to have my nails done by the best nailtech in the World.    THANK YOU FOR THE SPECIAL FAVOR, TAMMY

Wow, Look how long and perfect those nails are.  I'll never be able to type!

Michele Cordes watching Tammy sculpt those perfect C-Curves.

There were 22 educators from all over the U.S. who came to the class.  Here all of us at table 1 were practicing our consistency with the Salon Fresh Odorless System.

Tammy's Dad, Ed, taught a good part of our first day's class.  He can do a great nail and can answer any question about TT Nails.

Sharon, Janene, Tammy, Lara (Director of Education) , & Tabby

Tabby & Sharon looking like sales people in the TT Showroom.

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We got up in front of the class and did a presentation.  Talk about nervous.!