Acrylic nails require little care if you remember to treat your nails as jewels, not tools. A maintenance appointment, which is called a fill-in or balance, is to be scheduled every two weeks.

If you want to change your polish between visits, you must be sure to use Acetone polish remover. Most artificial nails require non-acetone, but the acrylic we use at Nail Elegance requires using Acetone remover.
Never pick at loose acrylic or bite your sculptured nails. This will cause damage to your natural nail. If the acrylic becomes loose, call us and we will arrange a time to repair your nail. If you decide to discontinue having your nails done, please call us and let us carefully and safely remove the acrylic and restore your nails to their previous condition.
We may suggest periodically soaking off your nails and reapplying a new set. This allows us to keep your nails looking like new. There is no extra charge for this service.

It is recommended that a cuticle oil is used each night. This restores the natural oils to your natural nail, softens cuticles, helps prevent lifting, and promotes a healthy nail growth. We have 7 scented oils from which you can choose.

Let us know which nail shape you prefer. We will help you to choose a length and shape that best suits your lifestyle.

Your nails are guaranteed for 1 week following your visit. We will be happy to repair any broken or loose nails at no charge during this time. After the first week there is a $2.00 charge per nail. We do not charge extra for nails that are repaired at the time of your scheduled fill-in appointment.