Let The Party Begin

Carol Gross from "Personal Creations" coordinated the entire wedding..including all the flowers and decorations.  Carol, you did a wonderful job and we will always be grateful to you for all your hard work and personal touches.  It was beautiful.  You made this day so special.

Ahhh...finally a chance to sit down.

Thank You Alan and Angie for feeding each other the cake…..gracefully.

Angie's Grandma Dolly made the cake and decorated the cake table….which was not only beautiful but so delicious….Cody said his favorite cake flavor was the "Pice" (spice).

I love this picture...Kent actually gave us a smile for the picture.

The best part was seeing Andy in a tux..and dancing. 

Sharon...I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all your help..This wedding would not have been the same without you.  Thanks for fixing all the food for the rehearsal, for putting up with me...for doing everyones hair, and for being a special friend...you're too good to me...

Kaitie was giving Andrew advice on how to behave at a wedding.

Who caught the garter?

What a trio...Tabby, Janene, and Sharon...we really do behave when we're together….really!

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Dancing with Scott.

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