Tammy Taylor Christmas Party
Dec. 13, 1998

Thank You Tammy, for allowing me to be a part of the Tammy Taylor Christmas Party.  It was the most beautiful party I've been to and I especially enjoyed seeing all my friends at Tammy Taylor Nails.  These are some of the memories of that trip.  Thank You For Those Memories!

Once again, we were the guests of Kraig and Emily King.  Thank you for showing us such a wonderful time.  When we arrived in warm California, they took us for a  walk down the pier and to Ruby's for milkshakes.  Sharon especially  had fun watching the surfers.  We can't thank the Kings enough for making us feel so welcome in their home.  They are such special friends.

Sharon White was once again, my traveling partner.  She had to have her picture taken in front of Ruby's dinerů.since her screen name is Ruby.  Ruby's has the best milkshakes we've ever had.

We had to have our picture taken with the bear outside a candy shop near the pier.  The bear is Sharon's new online friend.

Sharon and the bear hit it off so well, she asked him to be her date at the party.

On Sunday morning we got to watch Kraig root for his favorite football teamů.the Carolina Panthers.. It's going to be a better year next year, Kraig.

We took Kraig a Shelby Shirt.  We always have to take a shirt for Kraig. 

We got to meet some of Kraig's family.  This is his dad and nieces and nephew. His mom was shopping so I guess I'll have to go back again so I can meet her.

On Saturday night, we went to Mario's for dinner.  We were joined by Lara (the Director of Education) and Daphne (one of the top 10 educators) and John and Sherry (friends of Kraig and Emily's).   It was a great meal and lots of good company.

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