More Fun At TT Nails

Kraig, Emily, Tabby, Sharon, and I all went shopping and out on the town touring LA, Hollywood, & Beverly Hills.  Oh am I glad I don't have to drive in that traffic.

This is Tory Harrelson and Michael Knutzen.  Tory has been my sales rep and good friend for 5 years.  He and Michael are Tammy's top sales people and not bad to look at either.
You can't help but have a fun time with these 2 around.

This is Tammy with her brother, Ed Jr.  Ed is the webmaster at Tammy Taylor Nails and is responsible for the TT web site.  Keep up the good work Ed.

This is Yvette and she is a very special person at Tammy Taylor Nails.  The title on her office door is Queen of Alot.  She is also a fantastic decorator.  I loved her office.  I wish I could have fit that giant zebra file that was hanging on her wall, in my purse.

I felt very honored to find a picture of Tammy and I hanging on the wall in the entrance to  the office.

I couldn't resist sitting in Tammy's chair for a few seconds. 

This is Anthony, (Tory's brother ,with Tabby.  He's so nice and always pleasantů.and much more reserved than Tory. 

On Monday, Tory, Carla and little Tyler, took myself, Sharon, Tabby, Kraig and Emily to dinner at El Torito's  What a great meal.  Thank you Tory & Carla.

Sharon's screen name is Snow White, so she had to pose by Snow White's star on Hollywood Blvd.  Sharon is the life of the party all the time.

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