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Our Natural & Acrylic Nail services weren't just designed for your nails, but for your spirit and overall well being. If you are searching for nails that are going to be noticed and admired, look no further. Here at Nail Elegance Spa, Our Master Technicians are experienced in Spa Manicure & Pedicure services, as well as the art of sculptured nails. Award winning quality, unparalleled service, and sanitation standards that will give you peace of mind, making your experience safe, relaxing and enjoyable. All services will be customized to fit your needs.

All Prices Now Include Tax

Tammy Taylor Pink & White Sculptured Nails

Our Specialty! One of our master technicians will extend the length of your nail by applying pink & white acrylic to your natural nail. You choose the length and shape and let us take care of the rest. A non-yellowing top coat is applied to complete your new look.
Acrylic Fill-In
Maintenance appointment to be scheduled every two weeks. Pink acrylic is applied in the cuticle area where growth has occurred. Any nail repairs are included, free of charge, at the time of your fill-in.
Pink & White Acrylic Backfill
To keep your perfect French manicured look, a backfill is needed every other fill-in visit to replace your white tips.
Pink & White Acrylic Toenails
Another Specialty of ours! One of our master technicians will apply pink & white acrylic to your toe nails giving you a long lasting French Pedicure. (also helps prevent ingrown toenails.)
Acrylic Toenail Fill-In
Needed every 4-6 weeks to keep your toenails Perfectly Pink & White.
* Acrylic toenails may also be worn polished with color.
Tammy Taylor Prizma Acrylics
She's done it again! Tammy Taylor has created colored acrylics. With a rainbow of designer colors to choose from, we will apply colored acrylic to your whole nail, or just the tip, for a colored French
manicured look.
Tammy Taylor Prizma Pedicure
We will apply one of our Tammy Taylor Prizma acrylics to your whole toenail, or just at the tip for a colored French Pedicure, for sparkling color that lasts 4-6 weeks.
Nail Repair

We stand behind our work! That's why we offer a guarantee will all of our acrylic services. During the first week after your service, we will repair any broken nails, free of charge. We also include all nail repairs with the price of a fill-in. If you need repairs after the first week, but before your fill-in, we charge a nominal fee.


Deluxe Spa Manicure


Hands and Nails are soaked, nourished, massaged, exfoliated, dipped in paraffin, and wrapped in mittens


Express Manicure


For the guest on the go. Includes shaping, cuticle removal, light hand massage and polished to perfection.

Gel Polish Manicure

Imagine a polish manicure that lasts for 2-4 weeks with no chipping or peeling. That is exactly what we offer with our Soak Off Gel Polish Manicure. No more waiting for your polish to dry. When we finish our final top coat you are free to go without worry of smudging your nails. We have over 150 colors of gel polish along with a line of glitters to add some bling. You will love what our gel polish does for your natural nails. Finally, you will see your own nails get long and strong.


Acrygel Gel Manicure 

 (Acrylic powder added to gel base coat for added reinforcement). Similar to Dip Nails but we sprinkle the acrylic powder onto the base coat for sanitation reasons.  We can also use our colored Prizma acrylic powders. Acrygel helps preserve your gel manicure and gives added strength to your nails.


Deluxe Spa Pedicure


There ultimate pampering pedicure.  Soak, Trim, Exfoliating Scrub, Callous removal, Mint Masque, Hot towels, foot & leg massage, Regular Polih.  Gel polish is aqilble for an additional charge.


Basic Pedicure

Soak, nail trim, callous removal, foot cream and regular polish


Gel polish may be added to an acrylic or pedicure service for additional charge.



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